Hair mesotherapy is used to treat hair problems and hair loss. Specifically, it is used to improve the condition of the hair and is ideal for people who suffer from the first signs of baldness, who have weakened hair and who see how it loses strength and becomes less abundant. 

Capillary injections have multiple advantages, since they regenerate the dermis and activate blood circulation, key factors in preventing hair loss. Even so, we are going to see in more detail some of the benefits of hair mesotherapy:

- Moisturizes the scalp. This prevents the hair from becoming brittle, thus improving its appearance and texture.

- Helps hair regeneration, another important element to prevent hair loss.

- It stimulates the activity of underactive follicles, which ultimately promotes hair growth.

- Strengthens hair.

- It is a non-surgical, fast, painless treatment with which results are obtained progressively after the sessions. During the first months, the benefits of hair injections begin to be appreciated.

- It is a very simple treatment in its application as a cure against baldness. Depending on the case, reminder sessions over time are good to obtain better results.