Microneedling promotes the formation of collagen and elastin naturally. In short, it is a facial treatment that rejuvenates and improves facial skin, without side effects and without surgery.

Removing imperfections from the face so that it looks perfect is one of the most demanded aesthetic medical therapies and, today, it can be achieved thanks to Dermapen. It is a non-invasive method with real and unbeatable results to regenerate and rejuvenate your skin. 

Depending on the patient, this treatment needs to be done between 1 and 3 sessions. It offers real and remarkable results, obtaining a more elastic, firm and good-looking skin. With this treatment, wrinkles and expression lines are reduced, and it can also eliminate acne marks and scars.

You can start to see the results after several weeks of treatment since, being a collagen production cycle, it takes time. Thanks to collagen and elastin, you will improve the quality and texture of your skin. The skin of the face looks firmer, unified and smoother. In addition, the treatment allows to recover the appearance of a young and oxygenated skin.