Being a winner of best injectable product on the Aesthetics Awards, Profhilo is becoming one of our most popular treatments in the clinic. 

Profhilo has one of the hishest concentrations of hyaluronic acid available in any aesthetic product, and contains pure hyaluronic acid. 

Profhilo is responsible for hydration and stimulating the formation of new collagen and elastin within the skin. 

Treatment with Profhilo® will take around 15 minutes and following the procedure, your practitioner will clean the skin. Once you and your practitioner are satisfied with the results of the treatment and you have had sufficient recovery time, you should be given the opportunity to book a follow up appointment, as you may need a second treatment in 4 weeks’ time. 

Following treatment, you may notice an improvement within a few days although some patients may not see the benefit for up to 4 weeks after their second treatment. The skin should look more hydrated and have a healthy glow, fine lines and wrinkles should improve and the area should have a more youthful appearance. Even very aged skin should feel tighter, smoother and show an improvement in texture.

Treatment areas:

- Face

- Neck 

- Hands

- Arms 

- Knees

- Abdomen 

- Buttocks